My favourite sewing projects of 2017

Best sewing projects of 2017

2017 has been a year of the most intensive sewing ever, but as always some of my creations I recall a little bit more fondly then others. As with every new project, I want to challenge myself to perfect a technique or learn a brand new skill, and all my makes from last year reflect that. 

Three creations spring to mind when I think of all the garments that I have made last year. I will dedicate them a separate post each, as they truly tested me to the limits and beyond, but for now a quick overview. 

December 2017 - First Quilt attempt   

November is usually the time we start thinking about Xmas gifts, and all crafters know that there is nothing better than a hand-made gift for your loved ones. This year I have decided to attempt a quilt, and boy was I in for a challenge.

Quilt lessons learned: absolute precision in cutting and assembling the blocks made from half triangles. Use cotton designed for pyjamas for your quilt to be extra fluffy.  

September - November 2017 - Lined coat 

During my latest semester of Sewing workshops with Caroline, at Gibraltar College, I really wanted to push myself, and so I did. Within 10 weeks I managed to assemble what felt like 100 pieces twice! (once for the coat, and once for the lining)

Lined coat lessons learned: Don't cut corners when attaching the lining to the main garment, if you rush it it will pull and you will have to do it over again, and again, and again. Hand stitch lining hem to coat's hem, I tried to "expedite" it and do it on the machine, and it pulled all over, lifting the coat and making the hem looks like a bubble skirt. 

Super Comfy Stretch Dress  

My last favourite garment is also from the last quarter of 2017, maybe I'm slightly biased towards my most recent achievements, but I will cover some of my older pieces in later posts. Last but not least is my current go to dress,

 that I created in less than a day as I didn't have anything to wear for Xmas party. The idea of leaving the house, going to shops to try endless dresses to then buy one that will just do, was just to tiring, so making one 

instead proved to be the answer.  Added bonus was the fact that the dress went perfectly well with the coat I just finished. 

Now, you can learn how to my one yourself in our dedicated class. Visit the class page for Super Comfy Stretch Dress.

There we are, those are my favourite makes for 2017. I already have my blackboard full of ideas for 2018. Making samples for the class, though, comes first, so watch the classes page for new exciting workshops you can attend. 

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Your Sewing Projects

Your Sewing Projects

No Time to Sew has been created from my love of sewing and willingness to share it with people around me. I would love for you to share your sewing projects with all of us and this thread is dedicated to you and your 

sewing with kids

measure twice cut once

creations. Send us your makes with all the details, about pattern you 

used, materials you re-cycled, techniques you learned and we will share it here. Let's be proud of our creations and spread the creative bug to our local community. 

Having attended many semesters of sewing classes in a local college, I met many wonderful, creative sewers who all made a show stopping creations (from clothes and purses to elaborate hand made dolls). I would like this space to be home for all of them, to showcase the dexterity of their makers and inspire all to give it a go themselves.  

Please go to our Share Your Makes page to send us photos and details about your recent makes. 


sew your cushion project 

Maya & Rita have created their first ever project, and how great it looks in these vibrant fabrics! 

If you would like to create one yourself, check out our cushion class > Cushion Class Info. 



MARCH 2018  

closed buttonhole using zig zag stitch

sewing classes costa del sol 

Karlijn tackled her duvet and resized it from a double to a single in no time. She hasn't forgotten to close the 

buttonholes using a narrow zig zag stitched, and it looked so professional, see for yourself! 

Sasha has made a brand new covers for a tiny pillow and blanket for her daughter in this lovely flowery fabric. 

Do you have a project you would like help with? >>> Private Class Info. 



MARCH 2018


Vibeke has made a set of perfectly matched striped cushions that add so much marine feel to her home boat! 

If you would like to create one yourself, check out our cushion class > Cushion Class Info. 





MARCH 2018

curtain making class

Madeline created her first set of custom made curtains for her walk in wardrobe room.making flower curtains




We picked the fabric in our local fabric store and it fitted perfectly with the pastel colours accents throughout her room. 


 A lot of careful measuring and painful pinning, but it was all worth it.  sewing machine workshop


Master your curtains in our special 3 hours class >>> Perfect Curtains Workshop


Check out more pictures on out Instagram https://www.instagram.com/notimetosew/ 

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